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Shipping FAQ


States Authorized for Direct Shipment

Due to the ever-changing nature of wine shipping laws, we may be able to ship wines, directly or indirectly, to all states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont. If Goose Ridge Estate Winery is unable to ship directly to your state, we can arrange for the sale and shipment of our products through a third party. Please note, when dealing through a third party, wine prices, discounts, and shipping costs may differ from those quoted by Goose Ridge Estate Winery.

Shipping Costs

UPS Ground is Goose Ridge Estate Winery's carrier of choice. Ground shipping is provided by UPS Ground at current market rates. *Note – If the customer selects UPS Air as his or her carrier, the customer pays all shipping charges, regardless of his or her wine club membership or purchase amount.

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